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The Great Britain Bandy Federation - GBBF is solidly supporting this project to bring bandy back to the fens of England - and promote the playing of this exhilarating sport - a cross between football, ice hockey and grass hockey - thus to establish it in perpetuity. The Governing Body for all ice disciplines, other than Bandy and Ice Hockey, the National Ice Skating Association, and UK Longtrack, have expressed their support for this project.

We are of course looking for major funding partners to make this project a solid reality!

Contact Facebook: Littleport Ice Stadium Project, or email 

Facebook: Great Britain Bandy Federation - GBBF


Your personal reward is the thrill of knowing that you have played a part in establishing a unique 21st century international bandy and ice speed skating and leisure facility in a truly historic English village; Littleport, on the Isle of Ely, in the fens of East Anglia.