The village of Littleport

Littleport is a village of interesting history and great character. It has a burgeoning population of around 10,000, two primary schools with two secondary schools, one designated for Special Educational Needs, a modern medical centre with dispensary, and a commercial-chain chemist, and an oncology suite. There are churches serving various denominations, a public house at each end of the main road; one at the Ely Road, High Street, Main Street crossroads, the famous Crown Inn involved in the Littleport Riots in 1816, and the other just before the Sandhill Bridge over the river, the gastro pub with bed and breakfast rooms - the Swan on the River.(pictured right) and in the road leading to Chettisham and Ely, the popular venue for dining too, the Plough and Harrow.

Littleport has two primary schools with two secondary schools and another primary school in the planning; pet shops, an optician’s, a complementary health centre, a chiropodist, a florist, a funeral directors’, a carpet shop, hardware and crafts/gift shop, 3 daytime cafes. The Coffee Cup and Habis tapas cafe,  a breakfast and lunch cafe on the corner of White Hart Lane, a launderette, a post office, a library, a pharmacy, two general stores, a Polish Delicatessen, a draper’s, two co-operative stores, one with a large car park, a leisure centre, a fire station, a garden centre, and behind that a tile and domestic supplies centre.

There is an antique and ephemera shop, a ‘Young People’s Littleport’ project premises with a dance and music studio, IT teaching and tea-room style drop-in facility etc., and two fish and chip shops, a family pub and eaterie,  two smart Indian restaurants and a petrol station. There are three hairdressers, 2 barber shops and a tattoo parlour. The Ex-Services CIU has a good membership, a Brass Band, and there is the local branch of the Women’s Institute, a Flower Arranging Club, Community Choir, a Rotary Club and Lions Club as well as Cubs, Scouts and Guides.

There are many occupied industrial units with companies from large ones like JDR Cables to concerns such as Emerald Frog and The Copier Warehouse. There are many small to medium sized businesses operating within the village and the local glossy quarterly magazine, ‘Littleport Life’ is always over - subscribed therefore full of advertising – nearly 100 insertions per issue – for individual service providers.  Then there are a couple of charity shops, an agency, a solicitors and JH Adams –the old forge and hardware shop - now the Heritage Centre (interior pictured right) that includes occasional speedskating exhibitions. A month-long expo of skating memorabilia (plenty of old photographs, one item shown - and old skates) with talks (given by the Fen Centre's Dave Smith, pictured right) and film shows, has been held there. 

The Healthy Option

Apart from the fact that the Ice Stadium environment can be considered the ‘healthy option’ on the menu of life choices with beneficial physical and mental outcome for all, it will offer work and employment both paid and voluntary in the planning, building and subsequent running of this facility. It will offer ‘girls and women only’ days – and men only too, as well as sessions for the differently abled and their helpers. It would have an entirely inclusive ethos and link to all schools, colleges and work venues in Littleport and surrounding areas as well as welcoming visitors from places further afield in the UK and abroad.